How Architects and Planners Improve Our Built Environment

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David Butler Stewart  Hidano Noboru 
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Spring Semester  /  Recommended semester:3,5,7

Outline of lecture

This regularly held seminar analyzes both historical and contemporary case studies in building and city planning. Language of instruction is English and weekly Thursday morning attendance is strongly encouraged.

Purpose of lecture

The approach is both theoretical and visual. It should appeal to architectural, social engineering, or urban planning students. (However, interested students from any field are most welcome and there are no special prerequisites.)

Plan of lecture

This year we plan to revisit Le Corbusier窶冱 Vers une Architecture, using the new U.S. translation and based on 21st-century thinking about urban design.

1 窶 April 10
Who is Le Corbusier? Argument of His Famous Book

2 - April 17
Opening of 窶廳azuo Shinohara Exhibition窶 at Power Station of Art, Shanghai/ PRC

3 窶 April 24
The Aesthetic of the Engineer and Architecture

4 窶 May 1
Three Reminders to Architects: Volume

5 窶 May 8
Three Reminders to Architects: Surface
(NB: This day is officially a Tuesday at Tokyo Tech, but I hope to hold a make-up class for April 17th, if mutually convenient.)

6 窶 May 15
Three Reminders to Architects: Plan

7 - May 22
窶彝egulating Lines窶

8 窶 May 29
Eyes That Do Not See: Ocean Liners, Airplanes, and Automobiles

9 窶 June 5
Architecture 1: Lesson of Rome

10 窶 June 12
Architecture 2: Illusion of Plans/ A

11 窶 June 19
Architecture 2: Illusion of Plans/ B

12 窶 June 26
Architecture 3: Pure Creation of the Mind/ A

13 窶 July 3
Architecture 3: Pure Creation of the Mind/ B

14 - July 10
Mass Production Houses (and Cities)

15 窶 July 17
窶廣rchitecture or Revolution?窶

TBA - July 24

Textbook and reference

窶「 Le Corbusier: Toward a New Architecture
The paperback (or the Kindle version for your laptop or mobile device) are cheaply available on OR
However, if you are an architecture student, you will want to purchase:
窶「 Le Corbusier: Toward an Architecture (new translation by John Goodman)
Getty Research Institute). Paperback.
This seems only to be available from in the US窶 but is quite heavily discounted. Please order one or the other ASAP.

(A Japanese translation of this text also exists, but you will need the old or new English version as well.)

Related and/or prerequisite courses

The course involves a certain amount of reading preparation but is otherwise based on active participation. We hope to discover and theorize ways in which building and 窶忖rban design窶 can make for a more satisfactory life experience in today窶冱 cities worldwide.


Evaluation will be based on attendance, participation in discussion, occasional written exercises, and your own PPT/ equivalent presentations on assigned or chosen topics.

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