Modern Art Workshop A

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Susanne Meyer  Hidano Noboru 
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Spring Semester  /  Recommended semester:1,3,5,7

Outline of lecture

- Outline
GARDEN AND PARADISE, the theme of the Modern Art Workshop A, belong to the oldest and most important topics in European Culture. What is the social historical background and how is it expressed in the Arts? In the morning lectures I will introduce different approaches of mainly Western artists with a host of visual materials. In the afternoon the students will express their own reflections in diverse technics and media, by drawing, painting, collage and producing a three dimensional object. The works of the students will be presented in a group exhibition.

Purpose of lecture

- Purpose
The students have the chance to gain fundamental knowledge about Western culture and importand artistic tendencies.
They will achieve practical knowledge, mainly in painting and drawing, using diverse materials and technics and expressing themselves in different creative approaches.

Plan of lecture

- Schedule
The class meets on four Saturdays, April 12, 19, 26, May 10, from 10.30 A.M. until 5.30 P.M. (one hour lunchbreak included).

1) 12th of April

"Close to Paradise, but not yet close enough"
Paul Klee
In the Workshop the students will produce drawings and paintings by focusing on the power of line, structure and color tones.

2) 19th of April
"Living in the Eternal Garden"
Claude Monet and the Impressonists.
In the workshop the students will produce drawings and paintings by using a living model.

3) 26th of April
"Luxury, Tranquillity, Pleasure"
Henri Matisse
After doing outdoor-drawing, the students will develop floral garden scenes in the technique of papercut and collage.

4) 10th of May
"Paradise Found, Paradise Lost"
Song Dong, Andrea Loefke
The students will create their vision of the contemporary paradise in a three dimensional model, using diverse random materials.
In the workshop we will produce paintings of light by using self made photographs.

Textbook and reference


Related and/or prerequisite courses



The regular attendance of lecture and workshop, the participation, diligence and the artworks will begraded.

Comments from lecturer

The language of the course is mainly Japanese and also English.



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