HighTech Japan

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Susa Masahiro  Nakagawa Shigeki  Egashira Ryuichi  Takemura Jiro  Kobayashi Yoshinao  Alan Jeffrey Schwartz  Cross Jeffrey Scott  Sekiguchi Hidetoshi 
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Spring Semester  /  Recommended semester:3,5,7

Outline of lecture

Made-in-Japan products have been renowned world-wide for their high quality, and energy saving and eco-friendly production processes, which are based on various advanced technologies. This course aims to overview the advanced technologies developed by Japanese companies and research institutes, and implemented in various fields. The applications of the technology in manufacturing production as well as the innovations in cutting-edge technology will be studied.縲The course consists of lectures and site visits to the factories and research institutes.

Purpose of lecture

This course aims to survey advanced technologies used at Japanese companies in various fields through on-site visits. Innovations and applications of the cutting-edge technology will be investigated.

Plan of lecture

The course consists of lectures and site visits to factory and research institute.

Jume 17(Tue): Orientation
June 20(Fri): "High-speed Train Projects and Development of Super Conducting Maglev Technology in Japan" at Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI)
June 23(Mon): "Leading-edge Technologies for Broadcasting" at Science & Technology Research Laboratories (STRL), NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
June 24(Tue):"Leading-edge Water Treatment Technologies and Their Technological Transition" at Swing Corporation, Fujisawa City.
Jume 25(Wed): "Automotive Steel: Global Leading Technologies", at JFE Steel Corporation, Chiba Steel Works

Textbook and reference

Handout and supplemental materials will be provided.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

This course is opened for the foreign exchange students.
The exchange students under specific exchange programs, such as AOTULE and TiROP, are only eligible to register this course.


Evaluation is based on written reports (one for each lecture/site visit excluding Day One).

Comments from lecturer

Students who take this class are expected to have an appreciation for the advanced technology used in Japan and also have own view about how to optimize them in their application to your country.

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