Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering A

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Song Tae Ho 
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Outline of lecture

In this course, it is intended to give the students clear physical concepts about the 窶和mbiguous窶 fluid mechanics. Although indispensable, minimal mathematical formulations are employed; instead, typical examples of application and physical interpretation will be introduced. Ultimately, the students are encouraged to develop engineering sense to create practical usage of fluid mechanics. The course will be taught in English.

Purpose of lecture

For undergraduate students who have studied Fluid Dynamics, the objective of this class is to get accustumed with a class given in English. For those who have not studied, it is to study the basics of Fluid Dynamics.

Plan of lecture

#1 April 9 (Wed.) Introductory remarks (Ch.1)
#2 April 16 (Wed.) Pressure in static fluid (Ch.2)
#3 April 23 (Wed.) Conservation of a property in a fluid control volume (Ch.3)
#4 April 30 (Wed.) Momentum conservation for a control volume (Ch.3)
#5 May 14 (Wed.) Description of conservation principles in an infinitesimal volume (Ch.4)
#6 May 21 (Wed.) No class
#7 May 28 (Wed.) Navier-Stokes equation (Ch.4)
#8 June 4 (Wed.) Bernoulli equation (Ch.4)
#9 June 11 (Wed.) Examples of application of principles
#10 June 18 (Wed.) Dimensional analysis (Ch.5)
#11 June 25 (Wed.) Internal flows (Ch.6)
#12 July 2 (Wed.) Internal flows (Ch.6)
#13 July 9 (Wed.) External flows (Ch.7)
#14 July 16 (Wed.) External flows (Ch.7)
#15 July 23 (Wed.) Buffer

Textbook and reference

Text: Frank M. White, Fluid Mechanics, 7th ed. (International edition), McGraw-Hill, 2011.
References: - Mikio Hino, Ryutai Rikigaku, 12nd ed., Asakura Shoten, 2001.

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Homework 40%, Exam 40%, Attendance 20%

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