Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering C

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Antolino Gallego 
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Outline of lecture

=Fundamentals of Acoustic Waves in Fluids and Solids=
This course provides an introduction to the propagation of acoustic waves in fluids and solids. Firstly, course deals with the acoustic wave equation both in fluids and solids, introducing the main descriptors some basic properties of the waves, as well as the harmonic plane solution. For elastic waves in solids, different kinds of body and surface waves are considered. Secondly, boundary and attenuation effects are reported as two of the most important properties of the elastic waves in solids. Applicants will be introduced to some laboratory practice at the end of the lecture.

Purpose of lecture

The main purpose of this course is the understanding of physical properties of elastic waves propagating in fluids and solids. It constitutes the indispensable step to provide the physical principia of some Non Destructives Testing methods such an Ultrasounds Testing, UT, or Acoustic Emission Testing, AT. In particular, boundary phenomena like reflection, transmission and the attenuation of the waves become especially relevant and totally necessary for the well understanding in the research and practice with UT and AT methods.

Plan of lecture

1. The acoustic wave equation in fluids
2. Elastic waves in solids
3. Reflections and transmission of waves in solids
4. Attenuation of waves in solids
5. Laboratory practice

Textbook and reference


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Attendance, reports. Detail requirements and deadline of reports will be announced at the beginning of this course.

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