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Outline, Syllabus Effective Presentations in English with Power Point (Michael Reber) 2011
Fall Semester
2011/9/25 2011/9/20
Outline, Syllabus A Comparative Study of Modern Japanese Culture (Morton Leith) 2011
Fall Semester
2011/9/20 2011/9/20
Outline, Syllabus The Philosophy and Practice of Collaborative Deliberation (Toyoda Mitsuyo) 2011
Fall Semester
2011/10/14 2011/9/20
Outline, Syllabus Introduction to Systems Thinking (Michael Reber) 2011
Fall Semester
2011/9/26 2011/9/20
Outline, Syllabus International Management (Magnier Watanabe Remy) 2011
Spring Semester
2011/4/1 2011/3/23